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Oct 07 2011


One of the best times of the day is PE.  I hated the class myself in school, so I’m surprised to find myself suddenly appreciating it’s importance.  Through out the day, my students talk about things I barely knew existed until college (I admit I was sheltered but still).   I almost forget the boy talking to me about bumming cigarettes off hobos is just 13, or that the kid who always gets angry and punches concrete is still just a child.  But then in PE, the students get caught up in their game.  They laugh, forget their troubles, and suddenly I see the children in them again.  It doesn’t matter that a High School Senior is on the same basketball team as a 7th grader.  They help each other out, passing the balls, encouraging one another, and are just kids having a good time again.  It’s an amazing 45 minutes each day, and I am so glad I’m at a school where I can participate in this class.

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